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At the John Leland Center for Theological Studies, we take seriously our mission to equip “transformational leaders for the global ministry of Jesus Christ.” Transformational leaders demonstrate competency, confidence, contextual vision, and connectedness to bring about change in their spheres of vocational calling.

Whether you are preparing to serve in congregational ministry, parachurch or non-profit organizations, the business workplace, or academia, Leland has a program tailored to provide training for that pursuit. Our faculty members are dedicated to cultivating excellence in scholarship as well as excellence in engaging in the complexities of ministering in the local church, community, and workplace. Our aim is to foster theologically reflective and contextually meaningful, kingdom-focused leadership. Our diverse community of faculty and students from a variety of ethnic and denominational backgrounds provides a dynamic setting in which to explore and understand the global nature of the church.

Our Master’s Degree programs include:

Master of Divinity

Master of Theological Studies

Master of Christian Leadership

Leland also offers the following six graduate certificates that can serve as a stepping stone to further education as well as provide a foundation for a life-long pursuit of transformational living.

Graduate Certificate in Leadership Studies

Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

Graduate Certificate in Theology and Public Life

Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Formation

Graduate Certificate in Theology and the Arts

Graduate Certificate in Justice Formation

Explore our programs to learn more about how the John Leland Center for Theological Studies can equip you for leadership in your Christian vocation.





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