Community Life

At Leland, our learning community extends beyond the classroom. We value opportunities for worship, contemplation and fellowship, encouraging our students to participate regularly in Leland’s community events. Graduate-program students are required to attend at least two community events per semester they are enrolled.

Orientation/All-School Fellowship and Blessing

The Saturday prior to the start of each term, Leland holds an orientation for new students. This is anopportunity for them to obtain valuable information regarding their time of study at the Leland Center. Immediately following the orientation, all students and their families are invited to participate in a ceremony of blessing for the new term, along with a chance to share a meal together and get to know fellow students as they embark on a new term of study together.

Advent Celebration

The Advent celebration is held the first Sunday evening of December. It is a festive time of worship and fellowship, often led by students.

Lenten Service

The Lenten service provides an opportunity for the Leland community to participate in a contemplative time of worship during the season when the church spiritually fasts in preparation of the Holy Week. This service is often led by students.

Theological Society

These meetings are open to students, faculty and local clergy and are designed to engage the participants in a high level of academic and professional reflection on the issues and challenges facing the contemporary church today. Often noted theologians and scholars from our region are invited to present
a topic to the group and facilitate a conversation related to that topic.

President’s Forum

The President’s Forum is an informal fellowship meeting where students can express their opinions and concerns openly with the president, staff and faculty. These forums are held between classes one week each term.

Guest Lectures and Conferences

From time to time Leland is able to sponsor noted speakers to speak to our community and the local public on topics of interest and importance to the church.


Graduation is a time for Leland students, faculty, staff, trustees, family and friends to gather in celebration of the completion of degrees, diplomas and certificates earned by Leland students. This is a festive event with a worship service and a featured speaker. A reception follows.

Prayer Room

Leland has set up a room at our Arlington campus specifically for individual and corporate prayer. This meditative space is available whenever the campus is open to anyone who would like to spend time in prayer, reflection and worship. Informal prayer services may be organized throughout the term, as well.
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