From Dean John Lee

On Friday, September 21st, we gathered together for a prayer meeting at the Church at Clarendon for our Leland community, our area churches, and beyond. The event brought together people from The Rock Presbyterian Church, where Dean Lee serves as the senior pastor, and our Leland community of students and faculty. We also got to hear from Dan Baumann who is a career-missionary who was imprisoned in Iran for nine weeks in 1997. Dan’s message of intimacy with God and God’s embrace of us in our weakness and loving our enemies powerfully stirred all of us.

On Monday, September 24th, we gathered again – this time for the Washington Theological Consortium’s Faculty Convocation – for an extended meeting of worship and lecture. The worship was led by our Leland student, Sly Samudre and his wife, Amy. A combination of well-loved hymns and contemporary praise songs, beautifully sung and wonderfully led by Sly and Amy, brought a little taste of contemporary Baptist/evangelical style of worship to faculty members from other Christian traditions. The worship was followed up by a lecture about the cosmos and spirituality from Dr. John Haught, a well-respected Catholic theologian conversant in science and theology. To top off the evening, those in attendance met over a delightful dinner and conversation in White Hall of the Church at Clarendon.

Thanks goes out to the staff of the Church at Clarendon and all those who participated in these events.

Dean John Lee.

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