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PAYMENT: 2013-2014 Academic Year

Diploma Tuition

  • Tuition per credit hour: $170 ($510 per 3-credit class)
  • Audit per credit hour: $85 ($255 for 3-credit class)
  • Early Bird Discount: $10 per credit hour for for-credit students, $5 per credit hour for audit students, when paid-in-full by July 15 (Fall) / December 15 (Spring)

Masters Tuition

  • Tuition per credit hour for Metro-DC students: $450 ($900 per 2-credit class)
  • Tuition per credit hour for non-Metro-DC students*: $420 ($840 per 2-credit class)
  • Audit per credit hour for Metro-DC students: $225 ($450 for 2-credit class)
  • Audit per credit hour for non-Metro-DC students*: $210 ($420 for 2-credit class)
  • Early Bird Discount: $25 per credit hour for for-credit students, $12.50 per credit hour for audit students, when paid-in-full by July 15 (Fall) / December 15 (Spring)


  • Application Fee: Masters Program $100
  • Late Fee: $50 (August 30th)
  • Returned Check Fee: $30
  • Retreat Fee (first and second year Masters students): $150
  • Profiles of Ministry Stage I (entering Masters students): $100
  • Profiles of Ministry Stage II (graduating Masters students): $125
  • Graduation Fee (all graduating students): $135
  • Transcript Fee: $10

*A Non-Metro DC student is a student who lives over 50 miles from the Arlington campus.


On March 20, 2014, the Board of Trustees approved an increase in tuition effective for the 2014 – 2015 Academic Year of $10.00 per credit hour for the Master’s Program and $5.00 per credit hour for the Diploma Program.  The “good news” is that the “Early Bird Discounts” were increased by the same amounts; therefore, if you take advantage of the early bird discount you will not have any increase in your tuition per credit hour next year.  This makes it much more beneficial to register and pay your account balance early (by July 15 for the Fall Semester and by December 15 for the Spring Semester).

If you do not take advantage of the “Early Bird Discount” your balance will be due by the Friday after classes start (at the increased rate).  A $50.00 late fee is charged on student accounts with unpaid balances on the Friday after classes start.  On March 20, 2014, the Board of Trustees also approved a new policy to charge additional late fees each month the account remains unpaid.  Each full month that the account remains unpaid after the due date, an additional late fee of 1.5% of the unpaid account balance will be charged.

Also, as in the past, a student will not be allowed to graduate, to register for a class in the next semester, or to receive a transcript until their account balance has been paid in full. The following is a schedule of the next year tuition fee structure compared to the current year tuition fees: 



MASTERS PROGRAM (per credit hour)
Metro DC Student
Non-Metro DC Student
Early Bird Discount
DIPLOMA PROGRAM (per credit hour)    
Early Bird Discount


Tuition fees for audit students are one-half the standard tuition paid by students who take the course for credit.                




Leland Scholarships

Each student is responsible for identifying and applying for their own financial aid. Limited scholarship money is available through Leland. A scholarship form will be distributed to students each semester and must be returned by the stated deadline for consideration. Scholarships must be applied for each term.

Click here to review available Leland Scholarship Information

Spring 2014 Leland Scholarship Application (.pdf form):  Due December 1, 2013


Outside Scholarships

Descriptions of some of the available outside scholarship resources are listed below. Students should apply directly to the granting institution. All deadlines must be strictly observed.

Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund: The Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund, Inc. was established in 1941 by Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Keesee of Martinsville, Virginia, for the purpose of aiding worthy men and women to obtain an education. The Fund is administered by a Board of Trustees who considers requests for aid and determines applicant eligibility. Students must be enrolled in a masters degree program and be residents of Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina. Application deadline is April 1.


Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) Ministerial Educational Funds: Funds are provided by Virginia Baptists for ministerial students from cooperating churches of the BGAV who need aid in financing their undergraduate or graduate education in preparation for vocational ministry. Application deadline is April 1.


BGAV Non-Traditional Ministry Education Scholarship Funds: Funds are provided by Virginia Baptists for ministerial and lay leaders from cooperating churches of the BGAV in accessing training and continuing education opportunities provided by the BGAV and BGAV ministry partners. These scholarships are intended to assist non-traditional students who are defined as: part-time students who are in non-degree programs of study with an emphasis in continuing education for ministry in the local church. Must apply each semester.


Virginia Baptist Foundation Scholarship Program: Offers scholarships each year to a variety of deserving Virginia Baptists. All of the scholarships awarded by the Foundation are annual scholarships.  Therefore, students must apply each year. Generally, Foundation scholarships are limited to full-time students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs of study. The Foundation is committed to following the expressed wishes of its donors and to that extent has created scholarship qualifications, instructions, and applications for potential recipients. Please review all qualifications, instructions, as well as the application, all of which are available to download. Application deadline is April 1.

Women’s Missionary Union of Virginia: WMU provides scholarships toward the development of women as emerging mission leaders.

  • Fletcher Mae Howell Scholarship is named in honor of the 1933 first field missionary of WMUV interracial work, and provides financial assistance to African-American women in a graduate-level Christian education program. Application deadline is January 15.

  • Seminary Scholarships are available to women who are members of churches served by the BGAV who attend any of the seminaries supported through the BGAV. Application deadline is July 1.

District of Columbia Baptist Foundation: The D.C. Baptist Convention has scholarship money available for seminarians. If you are planning to attend a Baptist seminary or a seminary with a Baptist studies program and are a member of a D.C. Baptist Convention church, you may be eligible for a scholarship. Fall deadline: May 1; Spring deadline: September 1.


Memorial Baptist Foundation: The Memorial Baptist Foundation reviews applications from highly qualified seminary students who need financial assistance. The Foundation selects some of these students to receive scholarships from the Foundation’s resources. Applications are accepted from February 15 through May 15.

In addition, students should inquire with their home church regarding financial support. Many churches are eager to support their own seminary students.

Information updated February 3, 2011.


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