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Kenneth Bae was and is a Korean-American missionary who loves the people of North Korea. In November of 2012 he was detained by the North Korean authorities and was held captive for two years, becoming the longest held American detainee. With prayers of family, friends and even strangers, and with the aid of the US government and the Embassy of Sweden, Kenneth was finally released. In many of his letters that he received while in detention, the phrase "not forgotten" was repeatedly used that encouraged him tremendously. But Kenneth also wants to tell the North Koreans that they, too, are "not forgotten" by the outside world and not forgotten by God.

Students will have the opportunity to meet Kenneth Bae on Thursday, May 12th from 7:30-8:30pm at the Church of Clarendon in the Sanctuary.

For More information on Not Forgotten please visit;

Learn From World Class Leaders

Leland is offering an exciting August hybrid intensive course opportunity that you won't want to miss.  The course is designed primarily for those who are called to exercise leadership, both in ecclesial and non-ecclesial settings. The conference speakers are widely known and respected leaders in various walks of life. In addition, the course will provide significant networking opportunities at a major leadership conference.  Leaders are expected to attend the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit simulcast  August 11-12, 2016, at Columbia Baptist Church (Falls Church, VA). Leaders will attend meeting with the instructors during the conference. The conference will be followed by five weeks of online work. The online portion will consist of posting substantive comments on video and reading assignments.  Read the full course description here:  


Help Fight World Hunger

The John Leland Center is partnering with NorthStar Church Network to ensure that all children have sufficient food to eat each day.  There is not a lack of resources, the issue is how those resources are distributed.

Will you and/or your family be on the Leland team that helps pack meals to be sent to families across the world?  This will happen May 13-15, 2016 at the Dulles Expo Center.
  5 Million Meals | 30,000 Volunteers Needed 14,000 Children Impacted. For more info visit:



Congratulations to Leland professor Tarmo Toom upon the publication of his new book, Patristic Theories of Biblical Interpretation: the Latin Fathers, published by Cambridge University Press.  This volume focuses on some of the most influential leaders of the early church and explains how they interpreted scripture. Dr. Toom edited the volume and provided the article about Augustine's biblical interpretation. The volume also focuses on other important church fathers such as Jerome and Gregory. Protestants sometimes assume that serious biblical interpretation started with the Reformation of the 16th century. Dr. Toom's volume demonstrates to the reader how many leaders within the early church thought deeply about the Bible and developed their own methods of interpreting the various biblical texts. Congratulations to Dr. Toom for this excellent contribution to Patristic studies.



Rev. Monica Leak once again breaks new grounds by publishing her first book, a devotional titled Faith of Our Founders. Monica is a accomplished Speech Language Pathologist and serves as an mentor in the Alexandria community as well as assisting in volunteer work in Maryland. We can't fail to mention the amazing work she does here at the Leland library! For more information on Rev. Monica Leak and her book please click here:




What led you to Leland?   In May of 2008 after answering a call to pursue full time ministry I was called on staff to serve full time as an Associate Pastor at Richland Baptist Church. During that time I also started exploring different options for seminary. A friend of mine had mentioned that she had taken several classes at The John Leland Center for Theological Studies and suggested I take a look at Leland. As it turns out it was a perfect fit for me. With serving full time on staff the opportunity to go to school at night worked well with my schedule. Also, I did not have a Bachelor’s Degree so having the opportunity to enter seminary through the School of Ministry and then continue on into the Master’s program again, was a perfect fit.

What degree are you pursuing? MCL

What in your experience as a student has been most beneficial to your current ministry responsibilities?  The entire Leland experience has been extremely beneficial, but I believe what has been most beneficial is the classroom experience. The insights shared both academically and experientially by the professors have proven to be invaluable for my own personal growth in serving in ministry. Additionally, the insights gained from other students and having the opportunity to share in this journey together with them has been, not only beneficial, but a true blessing.

How do you understand your ministry as transformational?  I sincerely believe that true transformation only comes about by the very presence and power of Jesus Christ at work in the lives of others. I understand my place in ministry as transformational first and foremost from an attitude of submission. Submission to the leading of the Holy Spirit and to those the Lord has called me to serve. The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to both introduce people to Jesus Christ for the first time, as well as, help others grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. My ministry as transformational is always seeking to show the love of Jesus Christ to others wherever the Lord has placed me to serve.

Are there any particular Leland courses that have been Impactful?

As I mentioned earlier, the classroom experience and the professors have been so beneficial. One of the classes in which I found impactful and challenging was Christian Ethics. I really enjoyed Dr. Willett’s approach and insights as we looked at some of the “hot button” issues of our culture today and what the Bible “actually” says regarding these issues. I found Dr. Willett’s, the text, and other classmate’s input to be very helpful in better equipping me in dealing with these issues from a church staff position.

What are your plans for the future?  My plan is to continue serving on staff here at Richland unless I sense the Lord calling me in a new direction.

Any other thoughts on Leland?  I consider myself extremely blessed to have the opportunity to attend Leland. I am very grateful for the entire faculty, staff, and other students who have poured into my life to help better equip me for transformational ministry. 



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