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Do you or anyone you know have interested in seminary? Spread the word about the upcoming Spring Open House taking place Monday, April 18, 2016 at 6:30pm at our main campus in Arlington, VA.

Prospective students will:

  • Learn about Leland's master degree programs and options for non-degree seeking graduate students.
  • Get information on admissions procedures, scholarships, and student life.
  • Visit a class.
RSVP to Enrollment Services @ or contact 703.812.4757 ext 204


Fourth Annual Sermon Slam April 9


This year’s Sermon Slam, hosted by the Consortium Student Board, will be held at St. Paul’s College on April 9th, 2016. In honor of Easter, the theme will be “Risen, Indeed,” focusing on resurrection encounters. All community members are invited to come and enjoy great preaching, fellowship, food, and drinks!  Non-alcoholic options will be available too.

“Best Preacher” categories in Exegesis, Creativity, Humor, Overall Style and more.  Come enjoy the different styles and traditions of preaching, and you be the judge!

RSVP to  or call 202-832-2675


Help Fight World Hunger

The John Leland Center is partnering with NorthStar Church Network to ensure that all children have sufficient food to eat each day.  There is not a lack of resources, the issue is how those resources are distributed.

Will you and/or your family be on the Leland team that helps pack meals to be sent to families across the world?  This will happen May 13-15, 2016 at the Dulles Expo Center.
  5 Million Meals | 30,000 Volunteers Needed 14,000 Children Impacted.

For more info visit:



Rev. Monica Leak once again breaks new grounds by publishing her first book, a devotional titled Faith of Our Founders. Monica is a accomplished Speech Language Pathologist and serves as an mentor in the Alexandria community as well as assisting in volunteer work in Maryland. We can't fail to mention the amazing work she does here at the Leland library!

For more information on Rev. Monica Leak and her book please click here:


What led you to Leland? The desire to learn more about the Lord, the Word of God and the different facets of ministry

What degree are you pursuing? Currently enrolled in Diploma of Theological Studies


What in your experience as a student has been most beneficial to your current ministry responsibilities?   It has helped me stay focused and exposed me to different denominational interpretations of the Word and how those interpretations came to be based on the information that they had before them at the time.


How do you understand your ministry as transformational? Through the ministry, we are helping people come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and helping them see how a relationship with him not only changes their lives but also the lives of those around them for the better.

Are there any particular Leland courses that have been Impactful? Formation for Ministry really showed me myself personally and questioned my motives for being in the ministry position I was in. It helped confirm that I was right where God wanted me to be. The Preaching and Communications class was very informative also. I was new in the ministry when I took that course and Dr. Richardson brought life to the class by teaching us how to deliver a scripturally sound sermon.

What are your plans for the future? To continue to grow spiritually in the ministry allowing God to continue to use me for His glory. To continue my studies in Theology here at Leland.  

Any other thoughts on Leland?   Leland is an excellent school of Theology and more people in this area need to know about it so that they can have the Leland experiences that so many others have had. Leland has a lot to offer but is doing the school a disservice if they don't advertise its existence more.




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